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For guidance and assistance with any social service needs or opportunities, reach out to the BPJCC Social Service guidance counselor experts at 718.972.6600 ext. 4615/4610

and extension 4611 for seniors.

Find out if you are eligible for health insurance

​For guidance and assistance, reach out to the BPJCC Health Insurance Navigator experts at (718) 972-6600 ext. 4607/4608.

Fidelis Care

If you recently lost your job and are concerned about health insurance, Fidelis Care can help. Fidelis Care offers quality, affordable health insurance for qualifying children and adults of all ages through Qualified Health Plans and the New York State-sponsored Child Health Plus, Essential Plan, and Medicaid programs.

Contact Mira Mazurki at (347) 752-7882


See the link below for more information. 


If you have recently lost your job and your employer has more than 20 employees, you may be eligible for COBRA which would allow you to temporarily keep the health insurance you had through your previous employer.  You can keep this same insurance for up to 18 months, however, it is often at a higher premium than you were paying through your employment.

See the link below for more information. 

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