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If you need assistance at any time, even once you have begun the process of responding, BPJCC census guidance counselors will be glad to assist. 

Call (718) 972-6600 ext. 4633 or email

Boro Park Census

The definition of the word census is counting. The United States government counts its citizens once every ten years. The primary purpose of the census is to gain an understanding of how to fairly allot federal funding to each state, city, borough, and neighborhood.

The next thing most affected by the outcome of the census is representation in Washington. It is a relatively simple equation. More people in a location equals more representatives in government to fight for that location’s interests and concerns. A more substantial amount of people in a given area have a louder voice that is more difficult to ignore.

The last census took place in 2010. Less than fifty percent of Boro Park residents registered at that time. This time around, the New York government is investing a substantial amount to encourage all New York citizens to register and be counted. This will give a more accurate count of New York’s neighborhoods, including Boro Park.

By participating, Boro Parkers will be the greatest beneficiaries. The foremost benefit is the financial allotment for our neighborhood, which directly corresponds to the number of our residents. The funds go towards housing, repairing streets, traffic lights and signs, social services, and many other financial benefits. 

Many in our community suffer, consciously and subconsciously, from fears of the government. Parents and grandparents who survived the Holocaust brought this deep-rooted fear with them to America. That lack of trust has trickled down to this generation. Even today, many are reluctant to submit information to the government. They worry about what that information might be used for. The government is aware that many minority groups have such worries. Due to this concern, the census information is not released for any other purpose. As soon as the census is completed, any personal information gets sealed and hidden and may not be opened by anyone for seventy years. There are severe consequences in place for anyone who violates these laws. Fear of being counted is thus unfounded, and Boro Park stands to benefit significantly by your participation.

The census has officially begun. It will continue for two and a half months. The BPJCC is here to assist everyone with the registration process. No documents are needed; there are only nine short questions to answer. Take advantage of your time at home to comply with the law and complete the survey. If you need assistance at any time, even once you have begun the process of responding, you can reach out to the BPJCC by calling (718) 972-6600 ext. 4633 or email The BPJCC census guidance counselors will be glad to assist. 

Remember, this is for Boro Park’s benefit, for our families, friends, neighbors, and the entire community. It will also benefit our mosdos and kehillos. 

Don’t delay. Register at your earliest opportunity!